Simplified yield predictions

Rapid field sampling with your estimates ready before you get back to the winery


Sharpen Your Estimates

  • Automatically generate GPS located sampling plans to your desired confidence level
  • Rapid field bunch counts using a simple mobile app or weights with our rugged, portable wireless field scales
  • Have all your historical data preloaded into our application vinehub.
  • Have your estimates ready even before you return to the winery.

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Take bunch weights in the field and have your estimates waiting for upon returning to the winery

Take bunch weights in the field and have your estimates waiting for upon returning to the winery

Finally, yield predictions made easy

We pre-populate vinehub with all the right information; block sizes, numbers of producing vines, historical bunch counts and weights, harvest efficiencies along with historical weather, growing degree days and actual historical yields

vinehub will automatically generate GPS located sample plans that reflect your desired confidence level and preferred sampling method.

Then be directed to each sampling point via the fastest route, where you can record GPS located bunch counts via your smartphone or weights with our robust, quad bike mountable, wireless field scales.
By the time you return to the office your yield estimates will be ready and waiting within vinehub application, based on your data and best practices workflows.


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Close the loop with accurate yield mapping

We offer cost effective retrofitting of centimetre accurate GPS positioning to your harvesting operations.

By adding the ability to actively weigh bins as they’re being filled and correlating weights with the harvester’s position we produced detailed, geolocated yield maps.

By analysing yield maps in concert with PCD or NDVI maps, produced from our high resolution satellite imagery, gain unprecedented insights in your blocks’ productivity.

Leverage these maps to develop fertigation, irrigation, canopy management and undervine prescription maps aimed at improving yield and fruit quality in poor performing areas.

What is vinehub?

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Imagine a world in which every piece of information needed to profitably manage a vineyard was in a single application.

From weather forecasts to historical bunch weights, spray diaries to real time soil monitoring, vinehub integrates all your sources of decision making information into a single application.

Drive productivity and profitability with concise and informed decisions. Achieve operational agility and be set to respond swiftly to ever changing vineyard conditions.


Keep the balance spot on with ETc and soil moisture data. Increase your visibility with flow meters and end-of-row monitors and remotely control irrigation.


GPS logged bunch counts weights, combined with high resolution satellite images for accurate yield estimation, plus GPS yield mapping at harvest.


Regular, cost effective, high resolution PCD & NDVI maps, allowing you to manage your vineyard at a more granular scale than simple homogeneous blocks.


Zero touch spray diaries combining advanced GPS and weather monitoring with voice recognition. Vision based systems combined with variable rate sprays


Plan vineyard operations clearly and articulately each vintage. See on a single dashboard the stage of tasks for all blocks. Assign and manage work orders to staff.