Don’t get caught high and dry this summer.

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Stay on top of your vines' available moisture with a Smart Soil Starter Kit from Enviroeye


Your kit includes wireless weather station, soil probe and digital tensiometer and wireless gateway, plus you’ll also get your first twelve months access to vinehub included.

All for just $3999 (ex-GST).

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So what do I get ?

Everything you need to get started !


Davis Vantage Pro Weather Station

The Davis Vantage Pro Weather Station includes solar power system, for maintenance free operation, plus Enviroeye’s Australian made wireless radio unit.

Gain insight into your vineyard’s climate by collecting temperature, humidity, rainfall and wind data over the course of each day.

Get valuable insight into vineyard’s evapotranspiration with the weather’s station reference evapotranspiration. Combine this with Enviroeye’s algorithms to deliver a corrected ET, specific to your vineyard and the time of season.


AquaCheck Soil Capacitance Probe

Measure and monitor available water with the 600mm AquaCheck capacitance probe. It takes moisture and temperature readings at 100, 200, 300, 400 and 600mm depths.

Get access to your soil’s volumetric (θv) or gravimetric (θg)water content, a key factor in your irrigation planning.

Use soil temperature to time fertigations, making sure soil temperature and available moisture maximise the amount of nutrients made available to your vines.


Meter Group Digital Tensiometer

While volumetric or gravimeter water content help you understand the amount of moisture in the soil, we also recommend tracking soil water potential.

By doing this, you see your soil’s water content in the context of your block’s full point (or field capacity) and its permanent wilting point.

Our digital tensiometers require no field maintenance (unlike traditional tensiometers) and will last up to ten years in the soil.


LoRaWAN Radio Gateway

Get your vineyard connected with our LoRaWAN radio service and start sending your vineyard’s data to vinehub*.

Best of all, once you have the gateway setup and installed you can add new sensors at any time, with no additional no configuration.

Simply install the new sensors and away you go!


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So How DOes it work ?


It's as simple as keeping your watering between the red and green lines.

Using all the data we collect from the vineyard we create irrigating trigger and target points.

We plot these on your charts and aim of the game is to keep your available water between the two lines; simple.

We also give you some handy indicators, such as showing the level between the trigger and target points as a percentage and the approximate date and duration of your next required watering.

We make this available from any web connected device and can also setup SMS and email alerting for you too.


What is vinehub ?


Welcome to Your Digital Filing Cabinet

Vinehub is much more than just a soil and weather monitoring application.

When it comes to running a commerical vineyard, there's no shortage of data and information.

We bet you have a bunch of spreadsheets on different computers, half a dozen apps on your phone and perhaps some paper maps of the vineyard down in your bottom draw.

Now image all this was all in one easy to use web application, and available on any connected device.

Well that's vinehub



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