Irrigate made easy….finally

Advanced weather and moisture monitoring bring precision to your irrigating

How often do you say:
"Why can't irrigating just be easy?"

With Enviroeye now it can!

  • Combines weather and soil monitoring to deliver your soil's exact moisture deficit.
  • Never waste water again, irrigate knowing precisely how much moisture needs replinishing.
  • Get your 7 day evapotranspiration (ET) forecast, calibrated for your vineyard and time of season.
  • Get it anywhere, anytine on your phone, tablet or PC.


Its’ no secret water is more scarce and more expensive, yet is your irrigating still based on guesswork?

With the Smart Soil Starter kit from ENVIROEYE, take the guesswork out once and for all, save yourself water and save yourself money!

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Optimising vineyard water balance without the guesswork

  1. Using weather data from your Davis weather station.

  2. Combined with weather data from the Bureau of Meteorology

  3. We then use satellites to figure our your daily soil moisture deficit, vineyard-by-vineyard, block-by-block.

  4. Its all then presented in a simple web application, along with your irrigation recommendations.

  5. Now ensure each and every watering is spot on with feedback from your soil moisture probes.

Read our ET demystified primer here

What are the Benefits?



Plan your irrigation with confidence using your vineyard specific 7 day evapotranspiration (ET) forecast, combined with daily ET from your Davis weather station



Get realtime feedback when irrigating using our soil moisture probes, finally taking the guesswork out how much and for how long.


Access detailed weather forecasting & history

Access detailed short-term and long-term weather forecasts aggregated some a number of sources. Maintain access to historical weather data specific to you vineyard as well as region.


Realtime monitoring
on Web & mobile

Care for your vines from the palm of your hand with realtime soil monitoring and weather observations, and spend more time on the things that actually add value to your operation.



With our clean and simple app, you'll have just one place for all your weather information, soil condition monitoring and irrigation scheduling.


Evapotranspiration Demystified

First things first, evapotranspiration, usually abbreviated to ET, is not the same as evaporation It is all about the movement of liquid water from vegetated areas up into the atmosphere. Evaporation on the other hand, is when water on the surface of soil, plant leaves, or rivers and lakes is converted, due to heating, into water vapour and transferred into the atmosphere.

ETo is called reference evapotranspiration and is usually derived using equations like the Penman-Monteith equation. It is based on the evapotranspiration of a 'reference' crop being a wide area of green grass about 12cm in height, well watered and actively growing which is completely covering the ground.

ETo is what the Bureau of Meteorology and most weather station provide, however it's not the best choice unless you're planning on growing nothing but 12cm high grass! To be useful we need to apply a correction so that the ET value reflects the type of crop we are actually growing.

Kc is the crop coefficient and it the correction value we apply to ETo. There’s published values for everything from broccoli to pineapples to wine grapes. However there’s one problem with applying just a single value, as many growers and agronomist do, for the entire season; our crop’s evapotranspiration and watering needs change over time.

Enter the Dynamic Kc

Using satellite imagery we are able to determine a dynamic Kc value for your specific location and crop, as the season the progresses. This means both the daily observed ET and forecast ET accurately reflect your location and type of crop, and your irrigation planning will be far more precise than just using plain old ETo.

ETc is the crop evapotranspiration value, once the Kc has been applied and this is what we provide to growers through our Smart Soil Starter Kit.

Precipitation Loss, Australia

Did you know almost 90 per cent of the precipitation that falls on the Australian continent is returned through ET to the atmosphere

Given that near on 90% of moisture will be lost from your soils through evapotranspiration, accurately being able to predict and measure it is so important to

Otherwise you just stabbing in the dark and probably wasting water and money!



Don't let yourself be this grower when things warm up.

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