The intelligent use of technology, in and out of the vineyard, offers growers the potential to realise new and impacting insights, productivity gains and a single, integrated interface to all vineyard information, both real time and historical.



Precison Water Management

Irrigated or rainfed, the amount of water available to your vines is critical.

Our Smart Soil Starter Pack gives realtime monitoring of soil conditions and a 7 day localised evapotranspiration forecast, meaning you can stay of top of things from the ease of your phone or laptop using vinehub.

To celebreate SproutX demo day we're making ourSmart Soil Starter packs available again; they'll go quick so get yours today. 

Pack includes 2 x soil moisture probes, weather station, gateway and three months free platform access^


Vineyard Climate

With a view of what's happening under the ground, let's now capture what's going on above the ground.

Included in our Smart Soil Starter Pack is a weather station, giving you accurate vineyard weather forecasts, conditions and historical data, all in our integrated vinehub platform.


Yield Management

Planning and executing harvest is so critical and knowing exactly what's coming off the vineyard is absolutely vital.

We combine in field methods with satellite imagery to provide forward yield estimates. While our yield monitors can be fitted to most operations, providing bay-by-bay, GPS located yield measurements which are fed to the winery in realtime via our vinehub platform.


Vine Balance

Using satellite or UAV (drone) imagery we can produce vigour maps based on Plant Cell Density (PCD) or Normalised Difference Vegetative Index (NDVI).

Through our integrated platform vinehub, use these maps to plan and execute pruning as well as your under-vine practices.


Spray Management

Our Tractor Tracca means you can track the application of spray for any tractor ensuring no row is ever missed.

Clever GPS records spraying along with localised weather, automatically filling in your spray diary.

As with everything we do, its all via our single, integrated app, helping minimise pest & disease risks.


Remote Control

With a remote realtime view of what's happening in the vineyard, wouldn't it be great to be able to control things remotely as well?

Our pump and valves controllers can be retro-fitted to almost any system, while our in-line flow meters and security offerings like license plate recognition cameras give you peace of mind, all from within vinehub.

  Zero touch spray diaries using voice assist

We will be trialing our new GPS and voice assisted spray diary during the 2018/19 vintage. Delivering near zero touch recording of your spray activities to any tractor.
Be one of five vineyards to take part in helping automate the boring stuff!


Finally, everything in one place

Record every aspect of your vineyard's management and operation, from spray diaries, to weather statistics through to block-by-block, year-on-year yield data.

Finally a single place for everything that's important to you and your vineyard. See trends, gain insights, make informed decisions and improve your profitability.