Over the past five years Enviroeye has developed an industry leading approach to operational data management, with a particular focus on irrigation optimisation, for the viticulture and broader horticulture industries.

Through our flagship application vinehub and myHub.AG


What We Do


Saving You Water With Sensor Technology

To deliver you precision irrigation forecasting, we combine information from weather stations, satellites, soil probes and cutting plant sensors, capable of directly measuring plant water stress and transpiration rates. We have a range of sensors to suit every operation and budget, and can also integrate your existing sensors and weather stations into the mix

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Giving You A Window Into Crop Health

To enhance your understanding of the drivers and variation behind your tree and vine’s water use, we offer high resolution UAV (drone) and satellite imagery. Using imagery specifically developed for agriculture, in combination with other tools, such as EM38 soil mapping, you’ll gain an unprecedented window into your crop’s health and behaviour. We then work with you and your agronomist to use the maps in further enhancing water savings and crop outcomes.

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Keeping Your Information Organised

Having all your information organised and collated in one spot is a key ingredient for success. Through our industry leading applications vinehub and myHub.AG we pull together all your sources of farm data. From soil sensors you already have to the latest satellite mapping, from spray diaries to yield data, have at it all at your fingertips in a simple and easy to use application.

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